We are excited to announce several of our locations are under new management, while other locations are popping up all over the map!

Holden, MA
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Live in the Orleans, MA area? Come check out our newest location at 38 Main St. Stop by for all your Verizon Wireless needs. Looking for more information? Give us a call at 774-561-2911. Love technology and interacting with people on the daily?

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How about the Holyoke, MA area? We are officially up and running to serve you! Stop by and say hello at 237

If you're in the West Lebanon, NH area- check out our new store located at 267 Plainfield Road! Opening at 10:00 AM on 05/02/17. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 603.298.9900.

Reminder: Our other store located down the road at 250 Plainfield Road, will remain open. If you have any questions or concerns for this location, please call 603.298.9811.

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It's been a busy spring! Come check out our two new showrooms in Plymouth and Falmouth located at 108 Colony Place, Plymouth MA and 29 Davis Straits, Falmouth MA.

Schools out and summer has just begun. So in honor of this, we have compiled a list of 5 apps that will bring some excitement and joy into your summer vacation. GasBuddyDuring the summer, almost everybody goes on a summer road trip. That means there going to use up a lot of gas, and everyone is looking to save on gas prices. GasBuddy is a free app that gives you details on gas prices in your area, you can also search up your own gas station as well. The app also gives you a chance to win 100’s of dollars

Small Business Tech: HUM by Verizon We get it, your probably in technology overload. With the amount of products that flood the market currently there's a lot out there. Businesses have lots of options when it comes to solutions to help with productivity - so what exactly is the new HUM by Verizon meant to do? While the HUM is able to do several things, however let's focus in on it's primary feature of being a vehicle monitoring platform. Some of the main features:- Vehicle diagnostics- Access to a mechanics hotline- Maintenance reminders- Pinpoint roadside assistance- Emergency Assistance- Stolen Vehicle

Save your battery. We've all had that situation happen - you're in the midst of your day and suddenly you get that notification that you're low on battery, and you're not near a charger. Devastation sets in - and as the last moments of connectivity set-in you may even send out some goodbye messages to whomever you were speaking to. You're about to go, off the grid.I know, it can scare the best of us. All too often this happens in the middle of the day - for some as frequent as an afternoon coffee crash. So how we can we

In honor of the 4th of July and the midst of summer, we decided to compile a list of our 5 favorite grilling and barbecue apps that will help you become the master of the grill this summer! 

Grill-it! is the ultimate mobile app guide to grilling! With detailed information, instructions, and professional photos for everyone’s favorite recipes. We’re talking mouthwatering step by step instructions on how to grill your favorite Beef, Lamb, Seafood, Poultry, and more.

You can search and browse through these recipes by category, and new additions to the catalog are automatically added to the extensive library to

 WazeOn the road a lot? Drive safer with Waze, a social driving app. Waze is an interactive navigation app that allows users to report hazards (such as a car on the side of the road, or construction), traffic, and other useful information to other drivers using the app. MyFitnessPalStaying healthy is easier with technology. MyFitnessPal allows you to set a goal for yourself and keep track of where you’re at daily. This app gives you the tools to know when you’re on pace to live a healthier life, and when you’re not!TipMasterTipping is important to understand, especially when you’re trying to