Team Amcomm, please review the attached communication surrounding the Corona Virus and suggestive preventative measures.  We realize that this Virus causes alarm for personal and professional reasons.  We first want to insure that you have knowledge of what both the CDC and WHO organizations are recommending.  Please search the links within the document to the Organizations mentioned below for additional support.

Centers of Disease Control(CDC)

World Health Organization(WHO)

Please stay close and communicate with your Direct Supervisors and keep aware of other communication.  We are asking that all scheduled in person meetings, with a group of people,  are held via teleconference.  When not possible, please do so in ventilated areas. Obviously, when sick, please make the decision of staying home to get better.  Follow advice of Health Care experts.

Remember our customers are nervous and want to see healthy people servicing them, as well as clean conditions.  If an employee is showing signs of sickness, including coughing & sneezing and other symptoms, we would ask to have them go home to get better. Please take the necessary suggestions by health organizations and take care of yourself and family health.  Healthy people should be able to fight this off per the WHO.

As for cleaning, we all must take any downtime to clean our stores, counters and devices.  EVERY device that is handed to us should be wiped down with the appropriate methods.  Wipes and certain cleaning products will keep the surfaces clean.  Please see the recommendations on cleaning in the information provided.

KK and I, care about your health and our customers!  Please continue to stay in close contact with your leaders so we can stay informed!