Battery Life

Battery running low? 

We've all had that situation happen to us before - You're either on that really important phone call, trying to follow directions via your favorite GPS app or even six paragraphs deep in a real serious text conversation and you're no where near a charger. Devastation sets in - and you start to think of all the ways you could have saved an extra percentage.

Here's a few simple steps that can make a huge difference:

  • Turn on "Low Power Mode"

    • This may seem obvious, but most don't think about doing this until they get that pesky notification! Head into Settings > Battery to switch it on. Most Androids offer a similar feature that can be toggled on at any time.
  • Use Wi-Fi when its available (This saves your data too!)

    • Here's the tricky part, don't leave the Wi-Fi on all the time unless you are connected! You're phone will waste battery trying to find a new connection. The same goes for Bluetooth. You can control Bluetooth and Wi-Fi from the quick settings menu on most phones.
  • Lower the "brightness" of your screen

    • Fun fact: One of the worst culprits of battery life is the display!
  • Delete the Facebook app, use your browser instead

    • Facebook takes the cake, and there is a way around it without missing out on your third cousin's status update. You can access Facebook from your smartphones browser for nearly an identical experience. How 90's of us!?
  • Turn off unused apps

    • Those pesky things are still running in the background!
  • Turn off AirDrop

    • This one is for iPhones only .. Apples Airdrop is a useful tool for quickly sharing pictures, except when it comes to draining your battery. You can do this by Settings > General > AirDrop
  • Turn off "Hey Siri" & "Okay Goggle"

    • Being able to have a personal assistant is great and all, but that means your phone is always listening and that takes up a nice chunk of battery!
  • Turn off Automatic App Updates

    • Switching off automatic app updates reduces the amount of activity happening in the background on your phone. Do it when your ready.
  • Turn off Visual Effects, Live Widgets & Live Wallpaper.

    • Something needs to keep these things going 24/7 .. & we're going to go with your battery on this one!
  • Turn off Location Tracking for Apps that don't need it

    • Facebook doesn't need to know you posted that status in GA, but Google Maps needs to help you find your way back home.  On an iPhone, just go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to see which apps are tracking you. Androids offers a similar feature, head to Settings > Security & Location > Location


Small steps, big results. 

The key to saving battery life on your phone is ensuring that features aren't dragging you down when not in use. Taking a few extra steps to ensure your device isn't constantly running when it shouldn't be can make a huge difference to save you some of that precious battery life.