Save your battery life!

Save your battery. 

We've all had that situation happen - you're in the midst of your day and suddenly you get that notification that you're low on battery, and you're not near a charger. Devastation sets in - and as the last moments of connectivity set-in you may even send out some goodbye messages to whomever you were speaking to. You're about to go, off the grid.

I know, it can scare the best of us. All too often this happens in the middle of the day - for some as frequent as an afternoon coffee crash. So how we can we prevent this, and save your battery?

Simple steps to save your battery can make a huge difference: 

- Turn off unused apps
- Turn off Bluetooth when not in use
- Turn down the brightness on your device
- Turn off WiFi
- Turn off location services

Small steps, big results. 

The key to saving battery life on your phone is ensuring that features aren't dragging you down when not in use. Several apps (including popular social media sites) will run in the background even when not in use. The same is true for general settings like Bluetooth and Location services.

Taking a few extra steps to ensure your device isn't constantly running when it shouldn't be can make a huge difference to save you some of that precious battery life.