Tackform Magneto Mini Universal Vent Mount

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With the Tackform Magneto Mini Universal Vent Mount cell phone mounting is a breeze. The beauty of this mount compared to many other magnetic mounts on the market is that the magnets are housed on the mount itself. Some of the other products on the market ask users to adhere a magnet to their device which could be hazardous if they keep the phone near credit cards room keys or place it on a laptop where the High strength magnets can do damage.

Product Features

  • COMPLETELY SAFE ON THE DEVICE - The magnets in the mount will not harm the device.
  • GRIP - The soft silicone surface provides an amazing grip on a cell phone to keep it seated securely in both landscape and portrait mode even on rough terrain.
  • TRULY UNIVERSAL - The Tackform Magneto Mini Vent Mount works with just about any vehicle vent. It can securely hold in both horizontal and vertical vent blades. Not only is it universal to vehicle types but its universal to phones as well. It will work with just about any cell phone out on the market.
  • EASE OF USE - Just place the mount into any vent blade. Works with both small and large vent blades. Kit includes two adhesive backed metal plates that can transform any device into a magnet mountable object. If using the plate on the outside of a device or case users can remove the adhesive film and stick it on the surface. If positioning the plate in between the battery and battery door or in between the phone and phone case users wont need to remove the adhesive cover. If users decide to sandwich them between the phone and case or battery and battery door users can use the plates over and over again or switch them from one device to the other if needed.